In the course of your nursing studies, a time will come when the books are put aside temporarily and you will be assigned to work in a hospital or clinic to provide solid hands on training. Many nurses learn during this period that the area of study is not for them and they quit, but many remain only to fall more in love with the profession. For these future nurses, it is solid advice to pay attention during their internship. It can be easy to be swept up in the rush of caring for others, and by paying close attention and keeping their head, they are afforded an opportunity to learn more during this residency than through their actual textbooks.

Don’t Be Pushed Aside

It can be intimidating to become inserted into an established medical team, but understand that you aren’t the first trainee these professionals have had in their midst. In fact, each one was at one time exactly where you are now. Take this time to question your mentors to determine how nursing truly works, and don’t take no for an answer. You are there for a reason, and it is the mentor’s responsibility to assist you any way the can. They may treat you as a punishment for some wrong doing, but in fact they were assigned to you because they are the best ones to help you get along.

Be Professional

Just because you are an intern in the middle of your nursing classes doesn’t mean that the HIPPA guidelines don’t apply to you. Keep patient confidentiality at the forefront of your activities outside of the nursing floor and listen carefully during walks. If you are fortunate to participate in rounds as a nursing student, ask solid questions without sharing a patient’s confidential information.

Show up for work each and every day on time and in professional garb. If it’s a day you are in scrubs, make sure they are clean and pressed. If you are in whites, the same goes double. A mistake at this stage will remain in the hospital staff’s memory for a long time, and when it’s time for you to apply for a job your mistake will be the first thing they remember about you. Take your time in the clinic or hospital seriously and carry yourself in a professional demeanor. You have found you love this job, so do your best to make sure you can get it after graduation.