There are many hurdles that you will face as a medicine student. First, the course demands more. You will start developing anxiety before you start. This is a problem that affect many students but you need to cope with it fast in case you will like to succeed as a medical student. You will also face other challenges such as copping with the new environment. For those who will like to be day scholars, they will have the benefit of meeting their family members on a daily basis and other people whom they are used to. The lectures will seem to lecture at different paces, but the students will have to cope with them. This is a problem that can be seen in student who are in first years of their studies. Here are Top 5 hurdles while in Med School which you should know:

1. Medical Terminology

As a medicine student you will have to learn all the vocabulary used in medicine. This seems to be a hurdle that many students will struggle to overcome. The course is full of new terminologies which you will have to learn each time you will be in the library or in the lecture halls where lectures will be lecturing. For you to overcome the hurdles, you need to develop a habit of reading the terminologies regularly.

2. Workload

In the first two years students will be required to learn about pathophysiology, human anatomy, pharmacology, microbiology among other courses. The workload is wide which can make students very stressed on how to handle it. But, there are many students who have graduated from the medicine schools with flying colours. With determination you can easily overcome it.

3. Motivation and Burnout

Sometimes students read but when in the exams come, they are unable to answer all the questions as they may have anticipated. This will lead to burnouts. There is also lack of motivation because in many cases students are not close to their family members who will motivate them to work hard.

4. Anxiety

New students will be faced by anxiety in the medicine schools. There is a common belief in many people that medicine is hard. This will lead many students to suffering from anxiety. Anxiety disorders can even lead some students to failing in their exams which will make the matter worse because they will end up into depressions.

5. Fast-paced curriculum

The medicine curriculum is very fast. It will require students to grasp concepts at a faster rate. Lectures are also fast. This leads to those who are slow learners to face a lot of challenges. Others can even end up dropping out.

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