When preparing for admission testing for nursing school, the simplest method is to determine what works best for you. For some, it is the traditional quiet time afforded by the local library, where space and privacy are available in a resource rich environment. However, if this is not your concept of quality studying space, then it’s time to reach deep and honestly ask yourself what is. Whether an interior space with plenty of diversions to keep studying active, or a secluded exterior space where you are away from everything, your success in preparing for nursing school admission exams depends on comfortable you feel in your studying environment.

Hit the Library

For many, the traditional setting of a school or public library is the go to spot for serious studying. Not only are the quiet rules strictly enforced, but the ease of access to Wi-Fi and hard bound research materials at hand make these ideal locations for the serious student. Diversions are few and far between, so studying becomes the central focus of a library visit. Large, solid table allow for a student to spread out their materials, and quiet nooks located among the book shelves afford privacy for those who seek it.

At Home with Nursing Study Materials

For others, the only place to get any serious work done is at home. Teachers recommend spacing out study time, and with the comforts of home at your fingertips, it just makes sense to do your work on your own turf. Spending 30-45 minutes studying and then getting up to stretch and refuel can be a lifesaver, and having your favorites close by really helps burn the midnight oil. However, too many available distractions can derail progress when reviewing more dry material such as anatomy and physiognomy, but with determination and a solid sense of discipline can make it all worthwhile. Studying at home can also be beneficial thanks to the availability of all of your own study materials, alleviating the need to haul 4 years of textbooks and notebooks to the library every time you feel the need to put in some quality study time.

Connecting with Nature

Weather permitting, a study session outdoors can be a refreshing change up for those preparing for their nursing admission exams. Choose a picnic table of a patch of cool green grass and a sturdy tree to lean against, and let your mind absorb your materials as the world passes by. Outdoor study sessions can be great for groups, so ask around to other students who are preparing for their admission exams if they would care to join you.

The key to successful studying is simply doing it, and choosing your ideal study location is adding productive icing to the top of your nursing school admission exam study success.