The certified nursing assistant or popularly known as CNA are these nursing personnel who work under the supervision of the registered nurse to take care of the ailing and sick patients. They are also known as orderlies, state tested nurse, patient care technician and many more.

Job of a certified nursing assistant is challenging as well as very demanding. If one has an aspiration to work professionally in this line of work, then he or she needs to enroll for the state approved cna exam offered by numerous specialized schools and colleges.

The training period may vary from state to state. However, a minimum of 75 to 150 hours of cna salary as per respective state requirement is provided to the nursing students. These training hours are divided into theory classes and practical classes. During the training period, the students are trained in numerous kinds of skills, such as:

Basic nursing and clinical skills.
Laboratory skills.
Human anatomy and medical vocabulary.
Interpersonal and communication skill.
Checking and recording the vital signs of the patients, including temperature, blood pressure, pulse and breathing.
The completion of the CNA training leads to the CNA Resume examinations. In order to receive the cna nursing schools , it is essential that all the nursing students clear these examinations.

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