With school pretty much underway, now is a good time to begin focusing on what you wish to concentrate in for your career. There are as many specialties in nursing as there are stars in the sky it seems, and looking at them all laid out on a sheet of paper in front of you can seem overwhelming. By taking stock of your education and your desires, you will be able to slim down you career path considerably however. Nurses before you have done it, and it’s simply a matter of knowing who you are and who you wish to help.

Start with You

Ask yourself what it was that got you into nursing in the first place. Was it a visit to a pediatrician’s office and an encounter with a kind and caring PA, or was it a visit to a nursing home to see you grandparents for the last time? Perhaps while you were there it was a compassionate nursing home assistant who you felt a connection with. Whatever the case, knowing what drew you into a field where you will care for others for a living will help you determine what you wish to do, and perhaps just as importantly, what you don’t.

Consider Your Patients

There are many aspects to nursing that span the different stages of a patient’s life. You may wish to serve you patients as a delivery room nurse, or even more specifically, one who works saving young lives in the nic-u. You may wish to work for a private clinic, dealing with scrapes, bumps and bruises with the occasional broken wrist, or in the emergency room of a large inner city hospital where no two days are ever the same. You may look to a spot behind the scenes, becoming a nursing advocate for the needy, or as a laboratory assistant in the private research field.

For some, a degree in nursing is a passport to the world, with airlines, cruise ships, and even the military being viable options in which to spend your life. No matter your path, take your time in deciding what is right for you and what will make you happy. A paycheck can be earned anywhere, but a lifelong desire to help others can only be fulfilling if you yourself are fulfilled. Take your time and consider your options- there are plenty out there to choose from.